Friday, February 28, 2014

Polished /second edition/

I was really really looking forward for this month to end just so I can do another recap of my favourite nail polishes.

If I was still living in Europe this selection would be so different. Cold and dark weather always makes me reach for the dark and moody polishes. In Dubai however it such lovely sunny days and reading about all the make up spring releases makes me want to wear head to toe pastels and have colourful nails to go with it. It also makes me want to buy way too many new products.. and Im rubbish and fighting the urge to shop. Hence there is a pile of makeup and haircare products I want to tell you about soon.

But onto the polishes that got the most use this month:

✓  Barry M Raspberry- well this one got its own blogpost so no wonder its on the list. Totally perfect berry shade that I have gotten many compliment on.

  American Apparel Neon Violet- on oldie but goodie that is starting to dry up and that makes me sad. Its such a vibrate flattering neon violet and I need to get my hands on another bottle of this soon. This one screams summer!  Isnt it such a gorgeous shade?

✓ Nailstation Menthe- lovely light green pastel. I have wrote about Nailstation polishes before and I especially like their pastel ones.

✓ Isadora Summer Red- for work events I tend to always go with red polish and this bright fiery red was my pick this month. Im not overly crazy about Isadora polishes the staying power is not amazing but I do like this shade.

With an imaginary drum roll (cause nail polishes totally deserve drum rolls right!) let me present this months superstar..and the winner of Best Newcomer.

 piCture polish Coral Reef

I kept reading about piCture pOlish and was more than tempted to give it a go. So on a work related trip to Dubai Mall I just had to pass their stand in Bloomingdales and pick up a few shades. I had to make it quick as I was there to do other errands so the first one to stand out for me was Coral Reef.

It is such a beauty.. a mix of pastel and neon almost. Its not blindingly bright but certainly doesnt go unnoticed and polish quality is amazing. There shall be many more piCture pOlishes in my collection thats for sure. You can check out my Instagram to see the other pretty pastel that made the cut this time.

Just for fun I painted a golden accent nail with H&M Wawawoom.

So thats it on nail polish from my side. There is a brand new pleated ASOS midi skirt that needs to be taken for a stroll in the park now. Outfit post to follow for sure!

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  1. I love your blog!! Can't wait to see your new skirt!! Going to try some new polish-thanks to you!

    1. Hi Mariah :)
      Thanks so much. Let me know which new polish you tried :)

  2. Such pretty colours! You have very nice manicure in every photo! :) Could you maybe do a separate post about your manicure routine (as you wrote before that you love doing your nails)? As well as share some tips and suggestions on good care products such as nail oil / nail skin remover or good base / top coats. I love painting my nails but the outcome is never that neat (and I always manage to paint some skin too) :(

    1. Hi Eeva! Thanks so much for commenting :) I love the idea of a full blown nail care post..will definitely try to make it happen.

  3. I love all the colours & promised I would not succumb to any purchase, but I went to UK at the w- end & couldn't resist a stop to Boots! Bad idea - I got the Barry B - raspberry! Love it!!
    Had never tried the Barry B nail polishes & I'm impressed with both the quality and price. Thank you for sharing