Saturday, June 7, 2014

Life Lately #6

Transferring the photos from my phone made me realized I was a bit bad at documenting this week. There was much less to choose from but some of the lovely moments of my week are still here:

- Amazing beginning of the week breakfast with Laura at Mo's in City Walk mall. I had never been to City Walk which is a fairly new mall and boy is it a lovely one. Beautiful water features and loads of restaurant to choose from. We had some great food at Mo's. I mean starting a day with banana pancakes + maple syrup + cinnamon butter can only be marvelous! If you are in Dubai I very much recommended to check it out. Their lunch menu seemed pretty impressive as well and I fully intend to go give it a try.

- sunset walk at the Marina because there can never be enough of those. I have never really wanted to live in that area but I very much enjoy going for dinner and talking a stroll around. The sunset colors on those skyscrapers are so pretty.

- a friends birthday party at Bounce. Bounce is a brand new massive indoor trampoline park in Dubai and it is SO MUCH FUN! I mean who doesn't like jumping on trampolines and now think of a warehouse filled with them. The place is huge. It was the easiest and funnest hour of cardio ever and you get a proper workout. In addition bouncing around together with your friends inevitably puts the biggest smile on your face and I would say its almost therapeutic. Cant wait to go back!

- a friend of mine who has excellent taste and 9 double door closets full of dresses had a small clearance and I scored a dress that can only be described as 'what dreams are made of'. Its a Mad Men style tailor made raw silk beauty that at the moment I have nowhere to wear to. That means I have to prance around at home with it- which I totally did this weekend.

- maybe you have noticed I haven't made any nailpolish posts in ages. That is because I didn't allow myself to buy any new polishes last month. However June is a whole new story and to celebrate it I might have gotten not one but 3 new Essie polishes. A post about them is going up next week.

- today we did a little bit of shopping for home again. My favorite buy was small plates from Crate&Barrel with slogans like " Let's celery-brate", "Peas on earth", " I dont carrot all" etc. I couldn't choose so I got one of each. Breakfast is about to get all kinds of fun from now on.

We are finishing the weekend with a trip to the cinema so I must go and watch X Men now.
Hope you have a great one and see you very soon.


  1. Loving the dress and the plates-which sounds like a v random combo!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Ha ha I know when I was writing this up I thought the same thing :D

  2. Minu nädalavahetus tōi telkimist! Kleit on sulle ideaalne!

    1. Me enam ei saa k6rbesse minna telgiga sest liiga kuum ja niiske on. 6htuse pikutamise ja grilli kannatab ilusti 2ra aga magamiseks on veidi ebamugav ilm nyyd. Kus te telkisite mu nunnud matkajad?

  3. Oh my gosh those pancakes...I die :)


  4. You Dubai people need to stop posting pictures of those yummy pancakes! I'm getting very jealous! :)

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend Laura :)

    Lis xx

    1. Ha ha ha you are right, it kind of seems like these pancakes are the only thing people in Dubai eat lately :D they were great! Now its already into a new workweek for us but hope you are having a fab Sunday :) x