Friday, June 20, 2014

Tiny Little Non Haul

You see I only bought 3 things that surely doesnt count as a haul right? So lets call it a non haul just so I feel better.

It happened cause I "needed" to go check out the Zara sale which surprisingly didn't end up with any purchases. Instead there was a white dress in Gap that I really really want but it was not on sale so I numbed my heart and left it. To ease my pain I walked straight into Boots cause that's always a great idea.
My previous felt eyeliner has tragically dried up and Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner looked promising. It has a ultra thin felt tip which is what I was looking for so that went into the basket. The Dream Touch blush came as a gift because I purchased 2 items from Maybelline. Im not hugely into cream blushes but will give this one a try out of curiosity.

Now to the good bits. I have been stalking the Bourjois counter for a month now and the Rouge Edition Velvet in Red Pepper is always out of stock! The pink version is pretty much my favorite matte formula ever and I really wanted to add this bright red one. I snagged up the last one according to the sales lady ( lesson- its always worth checking into Boots)

Dreaming about orangey lips is also a new hobby of mine.  Its all red and full on pink for me most days and I would love to switch it up. Maybelline ColorSensation Vivid range looked like they are worth a try, will not break the bank and there is sooo many shades available, so I chose Vibrant Mandarin. There was a few other shades that I might need to investigate if I will love this formula. I will post some FOTDs soon so you can see the lipsticks in action.

So this is it- my non haul! Well I did make a detour into Bath&Bodyworks but will not bore you with pictures of hand-soap and candles.

Have you tried any of these products?
I would especially love to hear if you have any favorite shades in ColorSensation range that I should check out?


  1. Ooooh I nearly picked up one of those Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's today but I couldn't decide on a colour so left the stand feeling very confused without one! I must go back and choose one! Those maybelline lipsticks look good too, I love an orangey lip with the sun comes out! :)

    Nice to see you on Laura's vlog this week :)

    Lis x

  2. I think you mean Simone's vlog :) but thanks..

    And regarding the Rouge Edition Velvet I have only one thing to say- go get them! Seriously the most amazing matte formula ever. And such fantastic staying power. I'd say the fuchsia Pink Pong and the bright red Red Pepper are the stand outs but the deeper pink Ole Flamingo and pale orange Peach Club seems great as well and are on my wishlist. You will never regret getting them seriously! (it sounds like I work for the brand..I dont! ha ha) x

  3. Definitely going to try the Bourjois lip colours - Pink Pong and Peach Club are on my wishlist! Also, there was a sale on the Gap website a couple of days ago, if you sign up tot he newsletter (if you don't already) then it might still be on! No that I want to encourage spending your NYC pennies but a sale is a sale! :) Maitha x

    1. Hi Maitha! The Bourjois Velvets are one of my very favorite matte formulas and I cant recommend them enough. So so longlasting and vivid.

      And thanks for the GAP tip..ha ha I like the way you are thinking..a sale is a sale. Everything feels more "needed" if they have that little markdown tag on :D
      Thanks for stopping by! X