Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OOTD- The Dress That Makes You Twirl

I assume you are all readers of my lovely friend Laura's blog and therefor know the immense enabling power the girl has.

She sent me a picture of her new ASOS Debutant Full Midi dress before she posted anything online and I immediately went and ordered it. I knew that it will be sold out in minutes if I dont get to it before her blogpost goes live. And that is exactly what happened.

Its has since come back in stock and now is almost sold out again so act fast(or keep checking back as Im sure it will come back in stock in no time again).
 In the world of navigating between ASOS hits & misses this dress is a big time hit. The fabric is great, the fit and flare cut is soo flattering and its a midi (!!).But like exactly right length midi-ending just above the knee. Im happy I got the black(there is no such thing as too many black dresses. I mean there is but I choose to believe different) however I badly crave the nude version as well.

I admit the neckline (aka boobage) is a tad too reveling for day time but its a perfect perfect evening dress. I have a lot of cocktail events with work and this will probably be my favorite go to for a while. The pleated skirt has structure and quite frankly the dress just makes me want to twirl. Like a lot. Like when we were taking these photos about 80% of them is me twirling until Morgan told me to stop.
 So to sum it up. I LOVE THIS DRESS! A lot..thank you Laura!

And I also wanted to show you how the Maybelline ColorSensation Vivid lipstick I recently bought looks on. So here is the Vibrant Mandarin in action.

p.s. Expect to see a lot of OOTD pictures with the same background now. Our sand filled balcony is as far as I can venture to catch the soft evening light and not look like I ran a marathon prior. I have probably mentioned "a few" times..its hot and humid here!


  1. I seriously need to get my hands on this!

    1. I agree! Get it while you can. Its just a perfect dress. x

  2. It looks fantastico on you! And yes, the nude...you need it!

  3. You look amazing! I love this lipstick against the black too. And I must admit... I bought Barry M rose hip nail varnish purely because of Laura. And it's been on my nails ever since! X

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. I know Laura is my nr.1 enabler for surw.

      I loveee Rose Hip! Its such a beauty!

  4. What an incredibly chic and gorgeous dress! I love it! (she says clicking a new window on the Macbook for ASOS...)

    I was dying to see what that lipstick looked like too after reading your mini-haul post.....I'm obviously getting this too! ha!

    Can't wait to see the nude one on you too! ;) ha!

    Lis x


  5. Love your dress! Dubai looks amazing, I've always wanted to go there! x


  6. You look stunning in this dress! :)