Wednesday, June 18, 2014

White Chocolate No-Bake Cake

Its time to eat cake. Well first you have to make it but the good news is this particular insanely good white chocolate cake doesn't even involve baking. Because if it feels like you are inside an oven daily anyway I really dont feel like turning up the heat in my kitchen.

The recipe is from one of my favorite Estonian food blogs so if you can read Estonian and can get all the things in the original recipe, lucky you!  Its so super easy to make and totally fool proof and I will translate it to English for you as I assume your Estonian is less than fluent.

You will need:

250g of chocolate or cacao cookies ( I chose to use Oreos because well.. If you have ever tasted Oreos you know why!)
75g of melted butter

 400g of ricotta
300g of white chocolate
200ml of whipping cream
Strawberries ( original recipe uses frozen berries but I went with fresh ones)

-Crush the cookies and mix them with melted butter. Press the mixture evenly into a 22cm cake pan. Pop into the fridge.

-Melt the chocolate in a water bath (even the slightest bit of water in your melting chocolate will ruin it so look out).

-Whip the cream and mix it with ricotta. Add the melted chocolate.

-Slice the strawberries and cover your crust with them. Then pour the filling in.

This is the first gif I have ever made. Excuse me if I'm a tad over excited about it.

You have to leave the cake in the fridge overnight which is basically the only hard part about this. Everything else is so easy and fast. And the cake is super delicious I promise!

I have never been very into no-bake cakes but this one made me a believer so I will be trying out more. Let me know if you have any go to recipes?


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  2. This looks insanely delicious, I'm drooling at my laptop screen... I'll most certainly be making this! xx

    1. Jemma you have to make it. It is soo delicious and such a easy and fast process. Let me know when you make it :) x

  3. Mmmmm this literally looks amazing! I am a huge fan of white chocolate :) x

    1. Hi Rachel!
      It is delicious honestly! Do try it out if you love white chocolate and let me know what you think :) x