Friday, April 18, 2014

Fancy Weekend Oatmeal

Good morning guys!

The Sri Lanka travel guide will take a few days to put together but Im really enjoying the everyday blogging at the moment. I wish I had the time but..

There is something super exciting going on. This weekend we are moving from an apartment to a townhouse and I could not be more excited. Yay for all the decorating that's going to happen! All the packing and fixing and trips to Ikea and West Elm (omg how much I love those trips) leave little time so todays post is an easy one. Its about my weekend oatmeal routine. Maybe some of you already have your oatmeal in fancy way..maybe all of you do? In that case I apologies for the totally unnecessary post. But todays bowl was just soo delicious I really wanted to share.

Its only in recent years I have started to like oatmeal for breakfast, thats cause I realized how easy it is to dress it up with various toppings.

So my current absolute favorite is cinnamon oatmeal with almonds, chia seeds and blueberries.

You need:
200ml of almond milk
200ml of oats (I like the steel cut ones not the fast ones made for porridge)

Bring the almond milk to steam and add oats. Stir continuously until you reach your preferred thickness. I like mine thick. I also like to add cinnamon with a heavy hand and now is the time to do it. After putting it in a pretty bowl (that is very important..haha) add a tablespoon of chia seeds and sliced almonds and top it off with some blueberries.

Its like having dessert for breakfast! So good!

Do you have your oatmeal with toppings? Whats your favorite ones? Would love to try.

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  1. Wonderful post. I like fancy oatmeal too. When blueberries are in season they are my favorite topping. If not, then plain it is.