Saturday, April 5, 2014

Polished / third edition/

It is time to show you my most used nail polishes for the month of March. 

I am not entirely sure what happened here because 3 out of 4 are purple shades and I just cant get enough of them lately. I cant remember ever being that into lavender hues but thats all I wore for the past few weeks.

On the left we have Barry M Berry 308 - a pretty pastel shade. You might already know my love for the Barry M polishes and this one is just as great. Goes on like a dream and stays chip free.  More purple/pink than blue and looks lovely with white summer dresses.

Next lets talk about the Nstyle Vamp-ire. Super dark almost black beauty that looks amazing on short nails. This kind of shades I have always been into. The dark and moody purples are my favorite kind of dark polish. I dont own any black polish actually all of them have a deep purplish undertone.

Moving on to the third purple offering which is O.P.I. You're Such A Budapest. More blue undertones and the usual high quality of O.P.I.

Here is it on my nails:

Last up the brand new Barry M offering that I added to my collection on a whim. Its the 320 golden shade from their Foil Effects collection. I have not bought a metallic polish in ages but somehow it stood out to me at Boots and now I kind of love it. It feels very different from my usual choices and a nice change to all the pastels and reds I tend to wear. Its super opaque and even thou the first coat looks very steaky the second one makes it all better.

At the moment I am back to my old favorite mani which is pastel pink and gold tips. This time I used Essie Ballet Slippers for the pink and Ciate Antique Brooch for the glitter.

I have a few different polishes I use to create the same look but I wanted to test out which of them stays chip free the longest. I'm off to our Sri Lanka vacation end of next week and would like to paint my nails something fuss free before leaving. The glitter tips usually make the mani much more resistant so this look might be a winner.

Whats your favorite polish shade for a beach vacation?


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    1. Thank you :) I love it too..keep coming back to this same manicure over and over again..