Monday, April 14, 2014

Outfit and a half from Sri Lanka

Hi lovely lovely people! How are you?

Im relaxed.. I mean like taking 3 naps in one day kind of relaxed. I might have been snoozing more than I have been awake for the past few days.

Sri Lanka is as beautiful, welcoming and lovely as we remembered. Last time we were here for 2 weeks so we did a lot of driving around and saw most of the places we wanted to. So this time is mainly for lazy days and quick trips to surrounding villages. We might try to do a day in Galle as well which is one of the bigger cities in Sri Lanka but has a very cool vibe and lots of funky cafes.

We have been taking loads of pictures..mainly of palm trees and the awesome view of the ocean we get from our balcony. I might have to do a separate post for all of those pictures but for today I have a small outfit post and a half.

First up is this white dress that makes me look so much more tanned than I am and I love it. Its a oldie but goodie H&M Concious Collection from few years back.

 It has the perfect lenght and pockets (!!) I really love white and light colors for vacation even thou that means I have to bring twice as many clothes. Mainly cause I will stain them in a day but whatever..I totally wore that dress yesterday and only make one SMALL stain on it!

Now the half of an outfit is a new purchase made last week at Gap. Because when one is not wearing pants you cant really call it a full outfit can you?

I havent been to Gap in ages because for a while there was just nothing for me there. This season however I have bought a maxi dress (which I have with me here and will be in one of the the Sri Lanka outfits series), shorts and silver flats and then this easy breezy shirt:

Its such a versatile shirt as it works for beach cover up but can easily be worn with jeans for a city look. I love the fabric and the cuff up sleeves and well.. its pastel and has striped on it. Do I need to go on?

So I leave you with this picture of a monkey for now and will return soon. Hope you are all having a great Monday!


  1. I want to be there! Looks amazing! Also funnily enough I have been thinking of getting that shirt- but couldn't decide if I should get this one or similar one with pink stripes..but then, reminded myself that I have so many stripe things already...and ended up buying the stripe boyfriend pants instead:)) Now looking at the pic I am thinking I should get the shirt as well...

  2. Sexy bitch! And totally not jealous of your holiday.... nope. Definitely not.


    1. Ha ha thanks love!

      Luckily I'm back in no time and we can all just be in Dubai and eat cake and order things from asos together :))

  3. I can't wait to see more photos of the vacation. It looks incredible. I love that dress on you. I've been looking for the perfect white dress and it seems like an impossible task!

    Bedknobs & Baubles

    1. Hi Jessica :) Sri lanka is really cool! I have been taking soo many photos..must make them into a post sooner rather than later.

      I have two white dresses I love..this one and another from Massimo Dutti. I know what you mean..a perfect white dress is not easy to find.

  4. The pictures are amazing. Okay Sri Lanka is next beach minibreak - will inform Mr A!

    Can we see the shorts in next post so that I can possibly buy them to ensure ultimate matching wardrobe? :)

    1. Ha ha I made Morgan take pictures before having breakfast today just so I can deliver the shorts photos to you :))

      And you totally have to come to Sri Lanka next! It's soooo lovely here!

  5. The dress looks great, the lace-up back makes it almost impossible to not get a perfect fit. The only small issue I have is the straps are too short, but I'll make it work by adding some length to the back of them.
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