Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Midi Dilemma?!

The Midi Dilemma?!

I need help!

More specifically please help me choose which midi-skirt do I need? ( I obviously also need help as after owing 5 midi skirts I still feel like I need more but lets not concentrate on that today please)

Instead I have chosen 5 skirts on ASOS I love and cant choose from so please let me know which one you like the most. I really should not get more than one..really really shouldn't! I mean we need to buy a sofa for the new living room. Although..the guests could forever sit on the floor and I will just float around in 10 different midi skirts..that might work also?!

1. Full Midi in Cotton- the cut seems pretty basic but look at the color..the color is so refreshing. I dont own anything in similar hue.

2. Midi with Crossover Front-the scuba fabric, the pastel blue color, the front spilt!! How pretty is this skirt? And you could show a little leg..

3. Full Midi in Leather Look- Im not sure about the fake leather material but the pale yellow color just haunts me. I imagine it being pretty heavy material so could be dreamy right?

4. Pleated Midi- nope. The obsession with pleated midis has not gone anywhere. I already have the same cut ASOS skirt in coral and black so I know its a great shape. The question is do I need a brighter than sun yellow option? 

5. Full Skirt in Leather- in all honesty I am not allowing myself to buy this one (hello 200euro!!!) still I cant help but adore the real leather, the color, the gentle pleating and pockets. This is a real gem but soo freakin expensive.

Which one is your favorite? Seriously guys I need advice before I order one..or two..or three!!


  1. Mina valiksin nr. 4, aga kuna sul neid juba on, siis järgmine valik oleks nr. 2 :)

  2. I would have said 5 is the most gorgeous but then I read the price! I love the colour of 4, it's such a lovely bright shade.

  3. Tough one! I would go with n1 ... or 4 ;) sorry!

  4. 3 or 4 I think. Both will look good on you! :)

  5. I would go with 5 as it is classic color, you can wear year round and it has pockets! Although in Dubai maybe not for summer...

    1. Kaire number 5 is my absolute favorite. If it didnt cost 200euro it would already be ordered. I think im just trying to compensate with the others but what I truly want is the leather one...

  6. Am I still on time to share my 2 pence worth?! I love No 2. :) I think you would look lovely in it.
    What's your final choice? X