Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mint Shorts I Never Knew I Needed- Sri Lanka part 2

I will begin this post making one thing clear.

It is about the most basic shorts ever. But you see..I have not bought a single pair of shorts in 3 years. Yes I actually stood in front of my wardrobe at home staring at the 3 pairs of shorts I own and realized they are all bought years ago and non of them have been worn for at least a year (minus my dog walking shorts but those don't count! dog walking wardrobe is a whole separate subject).

There are several reasons for that but the main one being that skirts/dresses just work so much better with my body type and my style. Secondly shorts are always sooo short! I feel uncomfortable as I would much rather accentuate my waist or show off my back than my legs- its a comfort zone thing.

Until I made the before mentioned random visit to Gap that turned into a wild shopping spree. It was obviously the color that made me even consider them and as I was lugging loads of things to the fitting room anyway I figured whats the harm in throwing a pair of shorts on.. and to my surprise I really liked them! Welcome to my life Boyfriend roll-up shorts.

The awesome thing besides the mint color that makes my heart beat faster is that you can cuff them up to whatever length you want. Here mine are double cuffed but I have worn them triple cuffed and they still dont look overly bulky. Material is super soft cotton and they sit on the waist. You could easily get them a size down if you wish for a more fitted look.

We took the pictures this morning on a small walk before the breakfast. I had intended to make it more of a -look at this paradise beach behind me- outfit shoot. But we had a proper storm with lighting and the whole works yesterday so the beach is full of seaweed and didn't offer the idyllic backdrop I was looking for.

In other important news. I miss my crazy zoo at home and therefor am stalking the hotel cat Calico constantly. She has taken a liking to me as well (it might have something to do with be the fact I feed her half of my dinner ever night) so I thought she could fill in for Zulu and Yalla in todays post.

We are off to a day in Galle so I will be back with more pictures soon. Have a great day!

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