Thursday, April 17, 2014

Purple Maxi dress- Sri Lanka part 4

So here comes the last outfit post from Sri Lanka.

I honestly was hoping to snap one more but that did not happen.

Even this one is kind of a half effort if I am totally honest with you. Its because of the stormy rainy evening and night we had. The prettiest light for taking pictures was around 5pm (dont have to wear sunglasses and dont get the angry squint when trying to smize without them) and on the day I wanted to show you my new purple maxi dress it was thundering for hours. We did get the full lightning and heavy rain just after these pictures were taken.

So instead of wondering around we spent a super cozy evening reading, watching the lightning storm and drinking ginger tea on the balcony. Morgan was kind of just playing around with the camera when taking these photos but adding in a full length one and I think we get ourselves an acceptable outfit post.

Guess were this dress is from?

I almost cant believe I am going to say it but its Gap..again! Its their Cami maxi dress.. I swear my holiday wasn't sponsored by Gap (although I wish it was). I just happened to buy a lot of things in the last month and I haven't had a chance to show them to you. Anyway the color, the cut and the soft fabric all make for a great maxi dress and I'm almost regretting I didn't get the navy version as well. I always get so much wear out of simple maxis.

On another note I finished the book I was reading. Its Elizabeth Gilbert The Signature of All Things. I liked it a lot. Its totally different from her Eat, Pray, Love and Commited as this one is a novel but it has the same lovely style and flow.

 I have a few books ready on my to-read list but always happy to add more on to it. So please do let me know if you have read something lovely lately.

Also I have gotten a few emails form you guys asking recommendations and tips about Sri Lanka. Do you think its worth for me to do a small travel guide type of post telling about our favorite hotels etc?


  1. Yes yes yes to the travel guide! I would personally love it!

    That dress is absolutely beautiful on you and the colour is amazing!!

    Safe trip home

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  2. Yes, Sri Lanka travel post please!

  3. A travel guide about Sri Lanka would be great!