Friday, May 2, 2014

For the love of Pink Pong

I haven't been around for some days and I missed blogging. I really did!

There is a few things I wanted to tell you. Like I made the first little blog post over 3 months ago and there is over 200 of you on Bloglovin that follow Laura etc by now. This kind of stuff just makes me so happy. Thank you for commenting and following and being sweet and interesting. You are my favorites!

The reason for my absence is crazy times at work and the husband taking the camera along on his work trip. Now that we have the nice Nikon I really dont like using anything else but today I had to. I just had to post about this one thing..because we need to talk about a lipstick and I cant hold it in any longer.

If you read blogs you have most definitely heard about the Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourjois. I kept reading the raving reviews and for some reason that made me super skeptical. I mean I already have a foolproof matte lipstick option (NARS) and this liquidy almost lip gloss looking formula didn't seem right. Whatever the reason I never picked up one despite seeing them in Boots.

Last weekend on my way to lunch it was soo freakin hot outside I had to get a bottle of water no matter what. And well what do you know the first store on my way was Boots (they do sell water in there also honestly!) Just to enjoy the AC a bit longer I wondered around and ended up picking up the Bourjois in Pink Pong.

 As the color was soo bright I tried it on the same night at home. Fully expecting it to bleed into the fine lines and smudge and not be awesome. The truth is it blew me away!

First of all the pigmentation is insane! On the below picture I have applied one coat:

You can easily do two coats and get a little bit shinier and even bright option. One coat however leaves such a vibrate matte non clumping lipstick I could not believe it. It lasts soo long on my lips, like 5h is no problem. I was very paranoid first few days and kept checking if I have bright pink lipstick traces all over my face but it stayed put for ages.

I love the consistency and I find the applicator easy to use. However I do use a brush to go over the lines to make it look neat.. the bright pink is too "look at me" to have a messy lip line. I have since worn it every single day this week making my outfits around the lipstick. I have had 3 waitresses in different restaurants and a few co workes compliment me on the lipstick (has never happened before). I am smitten with Pink Pong and planning a trip to pick up a few more shades of this perfect matte lipstick.

I simply must add another bit of important info into this post. My lovely friend Laura got back from her trip to UK and with her arrived something I have been longing for ages-Real Techniques brushes!!! 

 My god these are amazing! I was almost late for work today cause doing my make up was so much fun thanks to the new brushes. I might do a bit of a review later on but for now I just wanted to share my excitement.

Hope you are well and thank you so much for stopping by. Big hugs to everyone!


  1. The colour REALLY suits you!! Hate the name of the gloss tho-guess its a take on ping pong but I read it as Pink (Bad) Smell!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Thank you so much Stacey! I cant get enough of it..totally wearing it every day :)

  2. Hi Laura!
    you had mentioned this lipstick before and i was already making a mental note to check them out. Now i'm commited! I HAVE to have it! ..... and it's all on you! ;)
    Hope it will suit me as lovely as it does you, i'm so pale right now and i really like it on you with your tan. Anyway i'll report back.



    1. Hi Filipa! I am not even going to feel bad for enabling with this lipstick cause it is so good and the color is just amazing. Get it! I think it would work equally well when you are pale as long as you get a nice even base done etc. And yes definitely let me know what u think once you buy it :)

  3. I just bought Pink Pong too and I'm obsessed! The colour is amazing, the formula is spot on and it lasts all day! I literally have to scrub it off my lips when I get home from work hehe :) And Real Techniques brushes are just awesome. So so awesome. Their Setting Brush is amazing for concealer! You should put that on your next wishlist ;)


    1. I know I cant praise the Pink Pong formula enough. Its like magic..doesn't event fade while you eat! I just keep telling everyone they need to buy it!

      And regarding the brushes..out of the ones I got I am obsessed with the Blush Brush but Setting and Stippling brush are high up on the wishlist.


  4. I looove the real techniques brushes! You just reminded me to order some more!
    You should try Sephora brushes too, they are amazing!


    1. Hi Youssy! Let me know which ones you like the best. I really want to get some more brushes also.

      Thanks for stopping by :) x