Tuesday, May 27, 2014

25 Random Facts

Today marks 4 months since I started my little blog so I thought I will do something different from the normal outfit or beauty post. Sort of a celebration of the occasion (even if 4 months blogging doesnt certainly have a significant meaning). So here are 25 random facts about me:

1. I love anniversaries. I make them up constantly (like a 4 month blogging anniversary for example). I also count monthly wedding anniversaries and fully believe its a thing! To think of it..maybe I just like celebrating!

2. I rescued my first cat when I was 7 years old. Found her in a shoebox inside a trash bin in a park near my house and cried until my mom allowed us to keep her. Her name is Santa. She is now 22 years old and is living with my mom in Estonia.

3. I was a dancer preforming in clubs, musicals and doing different shows.

4. If a person says they dont like animals I have an immediate suspicion we will not get along. Sometimes I'm wrong but more often I'm not.

5. I cry about everything. I can watch Britain's Got Talent clip I have seen 10 times before and still cry. Example of things that make me cry- Morgan showed me this clip in the morning. I cried. Any Hollywood movie will do the trick as well. On most days I will also tear up about situation of the homeless cats and dogs in Dubai and that I cant do more to help them.

    6. I love to sing. Im not particularly good at it but I love it anyway

    7. I'm from Estonia but have also lived in China and Spain pior to Dubai.

    8. If I got offered a good job in either New York, Barcelona or Montreal we would pack our things and animals and move in a heartbeat. Love those cities and have always dreamed of living there.

    9. My dog has been to 18 countries. We did a Europe road trip with him and he is originally adopted from China.

    10. I dont like sweet stuff in salty food. Like pineapple on a pizza or apple in a salad is a no-no. Sweet and sour sauce is a dislike as well.

    11. I once met Usher. Okay met is a bit much to say about it but I did totally get a photo with him. I may or may have not cried a bit after I got it.

    12.  I was a real goody-goody in school, a proper teachers pet.

    13. I used to work as a TV host in Estonia

    14. I love making lists about everything. Shopping lists, to-do lists, wish lists all are great fun. That would be the organized Virgo in me.

    15. I LOVE my birthdays! And when I say love I mean really really over the top love them. Its the best day in the world if you ask me. I make a huge fuss already a month before and do a constant count down in my head. I actually refer to September as my Birthday month because lets be honest one day is not enough. I need a whole month. I enjoy getting older and my love for my birthdays has not diminished one bit even if the number keeps getting bigger. Birthdays are the best! p.s. mine is 3 months and 5 days away!!

    16. I am horrible at math. I used to cry in school at least once a week after a math class or a test because I really did try but always failed to understand. Numbers are not my thing. Makes me shudder to think of it even now.

    17. If I could be one celebrity for a day I would without a question be Beyonce. Queen B forever!

    18. I talk loud and a lot. When Im really excited about something I repeat myself to make extra sure the other person understood.

    19. The first time my husband said I love you he accidentally burst it out during a random conversation on the street. He then proceeded to make a face he didnt say it and after an awkward silence kept on talking about random things.

    20. My dream home would be a farm in city center (yes I know that it is unreasonable). Im a city girl at heart and love the buzz of it but at the same time I need all the space to rescue as many animals as I possibly can.

    21. I dont like spicy food.

    22. My current favorite workout classes are Crossfit and Bikram yoga.

    23. I prefer red wine over white wine

    24. I asked Morgan to add a weird fact about me. He thought you should know I cant drive ( I think he secretly hopes this will embarrass me enough to finally get started with the driving license)

    25. I can quote Friends til the sun comes up. Every day there is a situation that makes me think of an appropriate quote. I often have it running on the background at home. I can be in the other room and still laugh at all the jokes as I have seen every episode a million times anyway. I also sometimes talk along with the characters to test my memory. Its a truly useless skill.

    Last random fact that doesnt come as a surprise. I will take any excuse to add pictures of my pets! Hope you enjoyed this post.

    Have a happy Tuesday and thanks for reading!


  1. Loved the post! it is always nice to know the people behind the blog more ;D

  2. Really enjoyed reading this! I am with you on the sweet and savoury thing. And the list thing. And congrats on your four month anniversary! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. Olen selle magusa ja soolase mittesobivusega (ja just sama ananass + pitsa).
    Snickers on ka täitsa mööda (magus shokolaad soolapähklitega, mis nali see siis on?).

    Ja olen üldiselt täheldanud, et olen "puhaste" söökide poolt. Kui tahan, söön ananassi või soolapähkleid või hoopis magustoitu või soolast kanakarrit (ei ole vaja mingit pool-magusat, magus-haput jne toitu) :)

    1. Haha jaa olen sinuga 100% nõus va salted carameli jäätis. See on mu lemmik! igasugune muu pool-magus-aga-tegelt-ei-ole-ka söök on thanks but no thanks :)

  4. Love love love this kind of post and loved all your facts! And the pics of you with Zulu, Yalla and Mate are gorgeous!!! My random fact for you is that I can remember the names of yours and Simones pets off the top of my head but I always want to call Laura BNBL dog Harry or Henry and always forget his name is Roger!! Xx

    1. ha ha thats so funny!

      I have a similar fact for you. When we just moved to Dubai and lived in The Greens I new all the people I met in the neighborliness only by their pets names. Like I knew all the names of the dogs we saw but never could remember their owners names. So there was Bruno the corgi mom, Caesar the lab dad, Laila the saluki mom etc etc..


    2. Haha we only know our neighbour now by his dog and cats names!! And I am sure he isn't called Tiger, Fady or Scruffy!!! ;-)

  5. Replies
    1. ha ha ha ha :D sul on 6igus see oleks pidanud nr.1 olema!

  6. jaaaaa kuhu jäi see vajalik teadmine, et su mälus on ka backsrteet boysi laulude sõnad ja mõni spice girls ehk eksib ka ära? :) Väga vahva lugemine oli anyway :)
    Kusjuures mul mataga oli sama teema, isegi kui ma arvasin, et no nüüd ma sain küll aru, siis tuli kontrolltöö ja ohoooo, mõhhkugi... Oma 5 asja sain küll nii nagu endal :) ok mulle morgan päris nii armastust ei avaldanud :D

    1. Haha no ma kirjutasin esimesed 25 mis tuli pahe, see Backstreet Boys on nagu tagaplaanil Friendsiga v6rreldes :D

  7. Oh Mr G and Jellybean set me off last week as well, it's his little face when he hears him arrive. Glad I'm not the only one!

    1. ha ha yes! And how Mr. G just looks so happy to be with him. Gets me every time! (have watched it more than once ha ha) you are definitely not the only one! x

  8. Jaaa UGGid palun kus on?! :D

  9. Thanks so much for sharing! Loved your random facts. =) I don't want to be all stalkerish, but we have so much in common! 1, 2, 6, 8 NYC!, 10, 12, definitely 14 and 15! (my birthday is in September too!), 21, and 25 25 25! ^_^

    1. hahaha.. I love that we have so many in common. Thats just means we are really cool people right? :D

  10. We have even more in common than I thought!

    3 - I was a dancer for a long time too
    8 - totally agree, but I'll trade Barcelona for Paris
    10 - gross, gross, gross!
    16 - I feel your pain, but hey...at least we have a good creative gene!
    24 - don't have mine either! My husband tries to shame me into getting it, but I've only agreed that I will once we have kids ;)

    Really enjoyed this Laura! xx

  11. I was able to relate to a lot of these! I'm TOTALLY the same exact way about animals. & I don't have a driver's license either, my husband is constantly bugging me about it. I'm so afraid of driving or getting in a car accident.

    Sofia | palelily.blogspot.com