Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gradient Pastel Nails

I have great love for painted nails and enjoy hording nail polishes but I'm not particulary into nail art. Gradient nails however have been on my mind for ages and I today I gave it a go. 

I admit I need to practice some more so the gradient part would be smoother but overall I am happy how it turned out. I might try to do this again with some other color options.

So for this you need:

- two polishes you want to use + base and top coat
- a toothpick 
- some aluminum foil
- a small piece of makeup sponge
- q-tips and nail polish remover

1. You start by painting your nails with the color you want to have as a base. Mine here is BarryM Gelly in Sugar Apple.

2. Now put a bit of the base polish and the polish you want to create the gradients with on the foil. Mix them a bit with the toothpick. I chose to use Barry M Berry.

3. Cut a small piece out of your sponge and dip it into the color. Then slowly start applying it onto your nails. Obviously having a light hand in the middle on the nail and concentrating more of your gradient color to the tip.

There is no way to keep this looking clean so dont worry too much when the polish gets on your cuticles. You can just have a quick clean with the q-tip later.

4. After a minute or so just apply a good layer of topcoat and you are all set. Seriously it is that easy!

What other color combo would work nice for this? I'm thinking pastel pink to golden would always look nice. Or maybe light pink to dark?

Have you tried this before?


  1. What a cool effect! :)


  2. Pretty! I can just about get one colour looking half decent when I paint my nails, so when it comes to anything more ambitious I stick to admiring it on other people! Like the idea of light to dark pink, I think that would look lovely. x

    Kate Louise Blogs