Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life Lately #3

Its interesting how writing this every Saturday post makes me realize even more how weeks just fly by. Reflecting back on the week is a lovely way to end it and I am enjoying this a lot.

So this week I:

- I took the Sunday off from work as it was the last day before my friend flew back to Estonia. We spent the day sunbathing in Nasimi, one of my favorite beach clubs, fruity cocktails in hand and ended it with a great shopping spree in Dubai Mall. It was sad to see her go and I wish more of my Estonian friends could come and visit. I have not lived in Estonia for 4 years but seeing friends leave after a short visit never gets easier.

- I took a work related trip to Abu Dhabi and as the meetings went faster then expected I managed to squeeze in an amazing lunch at Monte Carlo Beach Club in Abu Dhabi. It is a real stunning location and I would love to go back for a lazy day sooner rather than later. It was also a great reminder how many cool hotels and restaurant there are in Dubai and around that we have yet to visit and see.

- Went to Ahlan Hot 100 Restaurants party at a fairly new place called Qbara. I had been dying to visit and it didn't disappoint. Party was fun and Qbara has placed high on my list of restaurants to try for dinner. Very cool vibe.

- Still cant get over how much I love our garden. Having sunny days pretty much year around is amazing but being able to have my morning coffee in our own garden adds a whole different value to it.

- Weekend was one of those really great ones- relaxed but fun. A perfect date night with the husband consisting of sushi dinner, shisha and a movie ( went to see The Grand Budapest movie I have seen in a while. Loved it so much. Have you seen it?). Today was spent topping up the tan at Sunset beach. I feel energized and excited to start a new week.

Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend to the fullest. Talk to you soon!


  1. Have heard a lot about Qbara-must put it on the list! Mikes boss has the same garden as you so am guessing we live fairly close to each other :) Love the pic with the pineapple!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Hi Stacey! :) We live in JVT is that where you are as well? xxx