Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Etsy Favorites #2

Since moving to a new house I have been even more active on Etsy. I have a loooong wishlist that will be ordered as soon as the big things like couch, bookcase, tv table are bought.

As after my first Etsy favorites post I did receive a few emails from you guys so I thought I will pull all my favorite home decoration stores into one post.

So here goes second edition:
Yvonne Ellen-  her up cycled funky homeware is to die for. I mean seriously I want every single piece. I cant wait to order these whale plates and the rum teacup.

Hruskaa - Scandinavian inspired modern and oh so stylish home decor. Such a easy way to add personal style to your home. I am super in love with their hanging planters and this brass one will be mine!

White Faux Taxidermy - Im not sure this one is for everyone. I mean I would never ever enjoy a real taxidermy on my wall but at the same time I cant get enough of their funky deer heads. I did order this little golden hook to add some character to the usual IKEA shoe rack set up in the entry way. They have excellent vases as well. Also how have I lived so long without a pink unicorn. GIMME!

Up in the Air Somewhere - well just take a look at this page and you see why I added it into my favorites list. Pretty ceramics, pastel colors and lovely shapes. This tray it what I have my eye on at the moment. Would look so pretty on a night stand right?

Notice how everything I have chosen is golden? I admit I have a slight obsession with golden details. As most of our furniture will be white it just works so well.

Last but not the least is something I have dreamed of having for years- a marquee light! Saddle Shoe Signs does so many pretty options and I have a perfect spot for this cloud light in my bedroom. One day..

There is so much greatness on Etsy but these are the stores on top of my list at the moment. I might do a third edition of this post for little gift shops and cute quirky items you dont need but will want. I also have a long list of wedding decore shops I ordered from when planning my wedding last year so if anyone wants some suggestions let me know. 

If you have ordered something awesome from Etsy lately please pass on your wisdom.

Lastly- some great news! Husband aka the outfit photographer and his camera are back from work trip so I can finally show you some of the new bits and pieces I have.

p.s. non of the photos are made by me. All the credit goes to the shops listed here.


  1. Love the rum teacup. And the tray. And... though I surprise myself... I am seriously drawn to that deer head with the golden antlers. I have never really shopped on Etsy but I'm starting to think I should! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Hi Kate!

      Etsy is such an addictive place but you can also find so many beautiful and affordable things. As you buy straight from the person who made the piece it makes it so much more special I think. Check it out and let me know if you order something. Im always on the look out for new Etsy treasures. x

  2. Amazing! Can I just say that like the commenter above, the tea cup would also have to be my favorite among the bunch. The white busts look very radical too. Etsy has got to be the unofficial shopping host for bloggers and I just love what I see every time I go there. Do you have plans on having an etsy shop of your own one day?

    Tom Coshow @ TeleDirect

    1. Hi Tom! I cant imagine what would my Etsy shop sell as Im not particularly talented in making anything so probably not :) I will just stick to buying stuff that other super talented people make. I love Etsy!

      And I agree about the Yvonne Ellen tableware.I want it all not just the teacup!