Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life Lately #5

This week was one of those really good ones. You know the kind where looking back you almost cant believe that much fit into only 7 days. There was a lot of eating out which is definitely not something I do every week but thoroughly enjoy. Here are a few snippets:

- There was an awesome sheesha session with Laura in the beginning of the week. I love having one of those on Sunday or Monday as it sets a really lovely mood for the rest of the week. Our sheesha sessions usually involve some yummy Lebanese food, Moroccan mint tea and hours of talking about everything from make up and shopping to how we are going to open an animal rescue center one day. Of course they involve some grape/mint sheesha as well.

- On Wednesday me and Morgan went on a beautiful date night. It was restaurant week in Dubai this week so set menus in a lot of places I have wanted to go. One of those places is Pierchic- called one of the best and most romantic restaurants in Dubai. It holds a special place in my heart as I got to be a part of my sisters super romantic surprise proposal that took place on the pier leading up to this restaurant. So I finally got to go for dinner this Wednesday. Here is a picture of my outfit (Reiss dress), of Morgan on the pier and the views you get of Burj Al Arab. It was stunning and delicious.

- We did a little bit of home improvement again. This time to Morgans office. He had loads of unused skateboard decks that now serve the purpose of wall art. I love the look and it goes so well with the old door we re-purposed as an office desk.

- Had some crossfit fun as well. I have been going for a year now and first 6 months were a true love/hate relationship. Mostly hate! And suddenly I got into it. Now I love it. I love that its not girly aerobics or anything fancy. I love getting stronger and learning about Olympic lifts and being able to up my max weight in front squat or push-press. Never though I would but I do.

- Friday was as chilled as I can be. Spent in bed watching Friends for hours and having numerous naps with cuddly cats. In the evening we packed up our small BBQ and head off to the desert. BBQ and stargazing in the desert is right up on the top of my favorite weekend activities. The stars are crazy bright, it is totally silent and all kinds of wonderful. You know just being really still and quiet for a few hours to reset yourself for another week.

We are now off to enjoy some Mexican food at another restaurant I have wanted to try for ages.

You guys still have a whole Sunday ahead of you so make the most of it! x


  1. I am a little scared of Cross Fit! I heard it's really competitive. Great job using the skateboards as wall art - what a cool idea!

    1. Hi Natalie!
      You know that was my fear at first also with crossfit. In reality I dont feel the competitiveness that much at all. Maybe also cause I dont care if Im first or last in the class to finish a workout. Its much more important to me that I do better than i did a few months ago rather than being faster or stronger than others. I think give it a go..I would have never in a million years thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. And its soo effective also! x

  2. Pierchic is a pretty special place:))

  3. pretty you & the dress !!!!

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  5. kas esimene kord kõrbes kui ööbisite nagu hirmus ei olnud?

    1. Tsauuuu kullapaii :)

      Ei olnud hirmus. Seal ei ole ju midagi karta? Koige hirmsamad loomad kes seal olla saavad on kaamlid ja nad on ysna ohutud.