Monday, May 26, 2014

Life Lately #4

I am sorry that this weeks Life Lately goes online with a delay. I had some technical difficulties and some personal difficulties. Personal difficulties were mainly that I was too relaxed thanks to the long weekend. Lets get to it then:

- the highlight of the work week was a girls night out on Monday with Laura, Simone and Zara. Talk about an excellent sheesha session and lots of laughs. Take a look at Simones vlog to get a glimpse of it.

- there was a small amount of shopping done. This dress from River Island didn't come home with me but now I kind of wish it did. I was a bit worried that it looks too much like a pink meringue cake topper as its poofy and pastel but who am I kidding-I secretly love resembling a meringue!

- three day weekend get at me. We spent some of it on the beach. It was +37c so we didn't last too long but little over an hour was enough to get that tan going. If you live in Dubai spending time on the beach is a must in my books.

- yes there was the Justin Timberlake concert. I could go into a very detailed fan girl talk here about how freakin talented he is but I will spare you. If you have a chance to see his world tour show do it! It was amaze balls! I <3 JT!

- found my new favorite mani-pedi place called The Cure. Its small and calm and plays Friends while you get your nails done. I might have burst out laughing a few times since you have wireless headphones and its easy to zone out and forget where you are. They also have a great selection of Essie polishes and good quality coffee. I chose Essie- Watermelon and this just might be my favorite summer pink for now.

- yesterday was home improvement day and I finally started putting together the gallery wall for our living room. This is very much a work in progress but Im so happy with the outcome so far. Need to order more cool prints from Etsy and get a few wedding photos developed to extend it soon.

Hope you are having a really lovely Monday! x


  1. Found your blog through Simone's vlog! Hello :) - love the RI dress, buy it! x

    1. Hi :) Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      And I think you are right. I have to take a trip back to RI for that dress.

      Have a lovely day! x

  2. That little River Island dress is gorgeous! :) Go buy it hehehehe ;)