Saturday, May 3, 2014

Life Lately

I personally really love the "Life Lately" type of posts where people just show a small recap of their week so I'm thinking of starting this up.

I take soo many photos with my phone daily ( and I am not gonna lie 80% of them are of my cats sleeping in various poses or my dog looking cute) and I would love to show you some of them so you can see what I have been up to.

- Chivas bar activation for Esquire party on Wednesday. Thats me and my lovely bartenders. It was a fun event and as the party was for Esquire Best Dresses Man the people watching was awesome.

- the most perfect way to start a Friday is snoozing with my the whole zoo in the bed. I love that little furry crew of mine. There is no way to feel stressed or unhappy when they all snuggle close to you.

- I didn't own a full length mirror for 2 years. There was just no room for it in our previous apartment. I actually had to call the elevator to our floor if I wanted to get a full view of an outfit (and sometimes there was people in it in which case I created a rather awkward situation). A full length mirror was therefor one of the first things I bought for the new house. Expect a lot of outfit selfies to come. This is me getting ready for work (excuse the unmade bed behind me but Zulu was sleeping in it and you just cant wake up a bundle of cute for something as unimportant as tidy bed sheets)

- on the weekend I was working at the Blended festival which included some amazing concerts by Aloe Blacc, Joss Stone and Diana Krall. So so much good music packed into two days.

-favorite weekend breakfast of banana pancakes with Nutella accompanied by Friends because I will never ever get enough of that TV show. I am a die-hard-know-all-the-words-of-all-the-episodes kind of nut //Can anyone else name a well known seed that’s been masquerading as a nut?//

- my week ended with shisha and dinner in the company of my beautiful friend Laura

Most of you guys have a bit of weekend left and I hope you Sunday is perfect and sunny. I will be back in the office tomorrow.

Let me know what you think of this little weekly instalment and if I should keep it up.


  1. How come you work on Sundays? Do you only get a day off?

    1. Hi Juliette! In middle east the working week is Sunday- Thursday and the weekend is Friday Saturday. Its very weird and took me a long time to get used to but I still get 2 days off every week :)

  2. Christ those pancakes look flippin amazing! But to be honest I eat nutella with a spoon, therefore anything with Nutella is always a winner in my books ;)


    1. Ha ha I do love me some spoonfuls of Nutella as well but the combo with banana pancakes is my fav by far. Actually I also dont say no to just sliced banana with Nutella :))

      Thanks for sopping by and commenting,