Saturday, May 10, 2014

Life Lately #2

So as I was choosing the iPhone pictures for this weeks Life Lately I realized what a lazy blogger I have been.

I am well on the way to make up for it I promise. I have 2 outfit posts to show and a overdue introduction to a pretty newcomer in my makeup bag. So please do check back tomorrow.

But for now:

- my super amazing friend Grete was visiting from Estonia this week. We met when we were 8 years old which makes her one of my oldest friends and I couldn't have been more excited to have her here. There was a lot of drinking wine, catching up and eating involved.

- Talking of eating. It was Gretes bday a few weeks back but I of course couldn't celebrate with her in Estonia. So instead my present to her was a brunch at the Armani hotel. Laura joined us and we had such a fun 3h foodfest. If you are in Dubai I cant recommend that brunch enough. Great quality wines and Italian food not to mention a to-die-for dessert station.

- Our wedding got featured in a brand new Estonian wedding magazine and Grete brought me a copy of it. Makes me smile so much to see it in print. A lot of DIY hours went into creating the wedding last summer and I cant be happier that its been picked up by a few blogs and magazines as well. I think for our 1 year wedding anniversary in August I will do a little week of wedding posts so I can show you everything. Good idea?

- There was shopping, both in malls and online. But this white ribbed fit and flare dress from ASOS is definitely the highlight piece. Makes me feel so pretty and sophisticated. Usually I find ASOS dresses way too short (hence my midi skirts obsession) but this one is just perfect.

- Another IKEA trip happened this week as well. We came home with a new couch, TV table and a few more bits and pieces. My favorite of them being the solar powered lights for the garden. We ended the week with a small BBQ party and the lights just added a little extra to the garden.

Tell me what you have been up to this week? Cant wait to show you the outfit post I have for tomorrow.


  1. Those lights in the garden are just lovely! I'm such a sucker for twinkling lights ;)


    1. Me too! I especially love finding lights that dont look like they should be on a Christmas tree. These ones are made of plastic but shaped like little light bulbs. I think I need to go back and get a few more packages :)

      Thanks for stopping by Fiona!

  2. Yes, yes and again YES for the week of your wedding posts! Your wedding pictures and story are one of my favorites ever, so I would love to see and read about all that beauty again. :)

    1. ha you are very sweet Paula! I will definitely do a wedding week in August. I also cant wait to see how your wedding is coming together.

    2. Well I can't wait to tell everything to everybody about my wedding (yep, I am weird like that :D) and also I am already expecting some of my followers on Facebook and Instagram to unfollow my endless wedding countdown picture spam :D. I try to hold it in, but the excitement is too big obviously. Hopefully after my wedding will be over, I will be able to find some time for my blog again :D.

  3. Love that dress on you! And congrats about your wedding - so awesome!!

  4. I love your wedding ideas! From what I can see on nthe collage, it must have been amazing! I totally agree witht the first commetner though. I too love twinkling garden path lights. That dress is just simply gorgeous. Congratiulations on your wedding and best wishes!

    Jack Gambs @ Antique Limousine