Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life Lately #8

Lets do the usual recap right? The bits of my week that I managed to capture with my iPhone.

- A very fun girls night with Laura and Simone. We went to Jamies Italian for food and made our way to Shades pool bar for shisha and a glass of wine after. The first picture is the view of that pool bar which really is the main attraction of the place. Its doesn't fail to impress me even after 2 years. To get a better idea of the view and what we got up to I urge you to take a look at Simones latest vlog. Our clip involves a lot of giggling.

- I was all strong and determined to not go check out the sales right when they started. I'm going to NYC in August and the only smart thing to do until then is save my hard earned pennies. However as you could read in my last post I somehow ended up in Mall of Emirates on Thursday anyway. The only dress I wanted was not on sale so I just got some bits at Boots. I know its just a simple white dress but it has pockets (why is that always SUCH a selling point for me?) and would be so easy to wear.

- it rarely happens that I can get a photo with all my animals together. The cats kind of hate each other and Mate is scared to get in between them hissing so he keeps away. For some reason the cuddle needs on Friday morning made them overcome all differences and they were all in bed for extra morning attention. I just love them soo soo much! My little zoo!

- there is soo many cool places and events happening in Dubai. We went to a pop-up shop at Capital D photo studio. It had loads of new online stores showing their merchandise and I could have left a lot poorer had I not forgotten my wallet home. It was a cool vibe anyway, with yummy mexican food and I picked up loads of business cards from the new stores. That should satisfy my never ending online shopping need for a while.

- every weekend me and Morgan talk how much we would like to go to the beach and how our tans have faded to nothing but by the time we wake up and finish breakfast its over +40 degrees. I mean I'm not gonna fry myself in that heat, I dont need that tan so bad. But Saturday morning we got up earlier and were at the beach at 9:30am already. An hour was doable even if it meant mainly being in the water and using SPF50 of course. We were home by 11am and by noon the temperature was 43c. I dont think there will be many trips to the beach in the cards.

How was your week? What were the highlights?


  1. Love the dress-I love pockets too lol, how bizarre!! If I wear a dress with pockets I feel like I have to walk around the office with my hands in the pockets. I must think I look cool!

    Your skin looked amazing in Simones vlog!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Aw thanks a lot Stacey!

      I really dont know what it is about the pockets. At one point last year I was convinced I needed pockets on my wedding dress (??!) I did come to my senses later on and figured its not the MOST important thing..ha ha..

  2. Cor I just cannot comprehend how hot it is, crikey! x

    1. Yes! Its kind of surreal even if its my third summer here..I still cant believe it sometimes. x

  3. You all made me laugh so much in that vlog! You're right though, that view is truly amazing and well worth sweating it out in the heat!

    ooooh I remember trying that gorgeous dress on when it first came in store and was full price, it looks great! I wish I'd bought it now but at the time I had 10 other things in the dressing room with me and it was a case of picking one! I'm a pocket fan too, I've just bought some shorts from Zara with pockets and I wander around with my hands in them pretending to look all 'cool' (I obviously do not look cool ha!)

    I took your advice and started my own "Life Lately" :)

    Lis x

    1. Love the Life Lately Elisabeth :)

      And I might have to venture back and get the dress after all. When getting dressed this morning all I could think of was..ahh imagine how good that white dress would go with today.. ha ha ha.. I have 3 other white dresses but it was of course the one I dont have that would have just complimented my mood so perfectly today :D x

  4. That dress really is lovely! Gorgeous shots of Dubai too. X

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. Love these little round up posts - every weekend we say the same thing about the beach too but at the moment you're right, it's an early morning trip or not at all! Maitha x