Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get with the program

Now Im going to tell you something and you have to promise to still be my friend after that..
I have never owned any kind of make up primer in my life *insert shocked face*
Not for foundation, not for eyes etc..

March is work wise manic (we are talking 13h work days every weekend of the month) and the weather is heating up so the eye makeup I put on in the morning was never there anymore around lunch time. That finally got me wondering..

 I honestly have no freakin clue why I was under the impression that I should not be using an eyeshadow primer. Why? Its not like I hadn't heard of them. Its not like I don't go to Sephora every other day. Its not like I don't put eyeshadow on every morning.

So as I grew tired of rubbing off streaky eyeshadow at my short lunch break during another outdoor event.. I finally got the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This was put on ultimate test right away because this weekend I was doing super long days at Taste of Dubai festival. All outdoor, a lot of running around and sweating.

The results make me even more annoyed with myself. You probably know this already unless you have been living under the same primer related rock as me..but primers make a huge difference!! I mean huge! Like 13h later the eyeshadow is still blended and still there and everything is well in my world. I truly could not believe it, not one little streaky crease on my lids. I am never not using eye primer again. Its my new best friend!

As always I got sidetracked by the O.P.I stand and picked up a lovely bluish lavender polish. I love choosing a O.P.I polish and then checking out the name. The names almost make me want to buy the polish even more. So You' re Such A Budapest came home with me and I shall include it in a nail post asap. Its very lovely!

In anticipation of the crazy 3 days I had this weekend I went out and bought 3 new dresses. Cause a girl can do anything in a new dress right! I really cant wait to show them to you but will have to wait til husband and his camera return from a work trip tomorrow. So whats the soonest you can ask a guy who has done a total of 23h flying to come outside and take my outfit picture? 20min?

Anyway I'm wildly interested in this whole primer thing and want to buy a foundation primer next. Can you give me suggestions on good ones?


  1. Tsauki kulla, mulle hasti meeldib Laura Mercier foundation primer. ja siin on see Club Monaco flat millest raakisin, mis paris mugav ja hasti ilus on -

    kalli Kaire

  2. I also had the same revelation a couple of years ago about eye shadow primer. Every day by about 2pm, I would look in the mirror at work and the eye shadow was all but gone from my face. The first time I tried it and came home with all of my makeup still exactly the same as it was in the morning when I put it on, I was amazed and was kicking myself for not realizing the power of primer sooner. The colors were also so much more vibrant. Welcome to primer world! Makes a world of difference. I don't wear foundation too often and have only tried Laura Mercier Primer underneath Mac Face and Body or Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I therefore don't think I would be a very good person to recommend one to you. I have heard though that the Smashbox Foundation primer is amazing, but have never tried it myself.

    Laura Walls - United States - Las Vegas, Nevada