Saturday, March 29, 2014

New in-Dreamy Topshop Shoes

The initial plan was to reveal my new shoes in a outfit post but they arrived yesterday and I just could not wait to show them to you. So lets dedicate a whole post to these dreamy pastel pink beauties from Topshop. (Link)

 I expected them to be more nude as per the picture on Topshop site but in reality I am loving the pastel pink. The girly color combined with the super pointy toe and classical cut makes them perfect.

I am mainly buying mid heel shoes nowadays as these are the only ones I can wear day time. And I love wearing heels day time. It makes me feel all grown up and important.

I have only pranced around at home with them but so far they feel very comfortable. Its 100% leather so feels soft and luckily also true to size. I have so many ideas how to wear them already. With cuffed up boyfriend jeans or go all out pastels midi skirt combo or crisp white dress etc..

Anyway if you have been on the look for perfect spring heels these might be it!


  1. I am sorry, but I am very tempted to get these! But seriously are they comfy enough to wear during the day?

    1. Jaa..Get them! Kontsa kõrgus on perfect..pole liiga kõrged..ja nina osas on pehme nahk nii, et mul vahemalt ei hõõru kuskilt. They are soo pretty!