Sunday, March 23, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

I got all excited the moment these new Revlon Matte Balm pencils started popping up on blogs.
I mean my all time favorite is Nars matte pencils so this Revlon offering sounded right up my ally.

I kept passing the Revlon stands in Dubai hoping to score a few of these lovely pencils but no luck. So imagine my delight when Laura got me one as a present from her trip to UK. And like a make-up genius she is, she got me the most perfect color- Audacious.

Lets just take a moment and look how pretty and bright this is! Im getting more and more into coral lipsticks and Audacious is creamy, matte and as coral as they come. In other words its awesome!

I am wearing it today so snapped a quick picture for you on the balcony this morning.

It applies easily and feels super comfortable on the lips. Its not dry or flat looking matte but it does start looking a bit uneven after a few hours. Reapplying however is not a breeze and left weird clumps of color on my lips. So now I just wipe it off completely and then reapply. I dont mind that minor detail as I love the color payoff.

I soo badly want to get my hands on few more colors. Unapologetic would be my next pick.

One more thing I just wanted to pop into this post even thou its not make up related is my new sandals from Zara. I struggle to find sandals cause I have this thing- I hate ankle straps! I have yet to meet an ankle strap that makes me legs visually longer or leaner. I always feel stumpy and especially with midi length skirts. It just does not work for me. If the strap is just below the ankle it makes such a difference. Hence I marched right up to cashier after trying on these black and gold Zara sandals.

They took a few days to be worn in but for me thats the case with any shoes from Zara. Other than that I love them! Now I just need to find a pair of golden or nude sandals and I'm set.


  1. Love that colour on you and also love those flats!

    1. Love that you got me that colour :) and I believe this is the first ever comment from my fairy blog-godmother..

  2. I love love these matte balms! this colour look very pretty on you! xx

    1. Thank you so much :) I really love it too..cant wait to get my hands on a few more shades! xx