Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My precious Spanish Pink

You know how a few posts back I mentioned my latest uncontrollable shopping desire is all about lipsticks. 

Well the Chubby Stick post was just to ease you into this one.. because guess what I got!!

Say hello to my Tom Ford Spanish Pink.
 Aah I mean seriously. It is the most beautiful lipstick I have ever owned. By far! ( and the most expensive one but lets not dwell on that today ) Its sleek, stylish, gorgeous and amazing quality. The moment I got it my first totally unreasonable thought was..I'm never gonna use it, its too pretty!

Instead I took a whole lot of photos of it (yes I mean photos of a lipstick on my dresser..because it was so beautiful.. that's totally normal correct?)

Below is a picture of me wearing it. Its a creamy pigmented peachy undertone pink that lifts the complexion and really adds something extra. Its not a basic barely there nude, it is soo much more! 
Can you tell I'm a little over excited about this one?

In other news. My poor little panther Zulu is just home from her neutering and she is not feeling the one piece PJ look she has to support for the next ten days. She is dazed and confused and extra cuddly and I have extra hard time leaving for work in the mornings because of all the cuteness. 


  1. The lipstick is wonderfull and really suits you! Hope Zulu recovers soon, i always enjoy when mt cats want some extra attention but it's heartbreaking when they're sick.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by :)

      Zulus stitches are taken out on Tuesday. Until then I have an extreme sad looking kitten. It real does break my heart like you said. She is just soo bummed out..poor little thing.