Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mac Haul

 So imagine this.

You are meeting your amazingly talented make up artist friend for dinner at Marina Mall. To get to the restaurant you have to walk past Mac store.. would you really not suggest to go in? Would you really not take her suggestions and buy a whole lot of stuff? If you would not.. you need to teach me how to do that cause I totally don't know how.

That is how my little Mac haul happened. Me picking up things and waving them in front of Dianas face and she telling me her expert opinions. This was proceeded by me buying two eye shadows, a blot powder, an eye pencil and a lip gloss..

-Pressed blot powder is not exactly an exciting buy but something I needed. I love the dewy finish my Clarins foundation gives me but at the second half of the day my T-zone certainly needs some help. As summer is creeping in I didnt want anything that builds up too much or gives thick coverage. I just needed something to take care of the shine.

-A purple pencil is something I had been lusting over. Mac Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bordeauxline is a real beauty for green eyes girls. I can tell you its smooth to apply, easy to smudge and has great pigment. I know all this cause I already used it this morning. Other comments about the lasting power will have to wait till I get to test is out a bit longer.

-Mac Cremesheen Glass in Double Dare. This I so totally did not need. I mean not even a little bit. But who cares anyway! I love love love the Cremesheen formula and have had a few neutral pinkish colors before. This time it was Diana who picked up Double Dare and as soon as I tried it on it was decided. Its a vibrate color but not fully opaque. The shade is something I would describe as "juicy" coral pink.

And then the eyeshadows. One of them is a repurchase. All That Glitters is one of the few shadows I have ever emptied. Its such a perfect color for day time.

Sable however is a newcomer that I kept reading about. Its said to go so well together with All That Glitters and create a perfect day time smokey effect. Its kind of bronzy plummy brown color with frost finish and I cant wait to play around with it.

I unfortunately was not able to take a single picture where the two shadows would look different. I blame the bad lighting, the new camera and the my lack of skills as a photographer. I mean my husband swore they are exactly the same anyway and laughed at me as I was taking the millionth picture trying to capture the difference. Finally I had to admit they do look very very similar in the pan ( I don't want to say identical cause its not true! )

All That Glitters on the left and Sable on the right

I swatched them to show you that I'm not crazy and I didn't buy two identical shadows. Top is All That Glitters and bottom is Sable. They are similar tones but that's what makes them work so well together.

So that's the damage I did at Mac yesterday. Have you bought anything lovely from there lately?

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