Sunday, March 9, 2014

Is there such thing as too many denim shirts?

Not if you ask me! Love how versatile a denim shirt is.

Its perfect for dressing down fancy skirts or just wearing with jeans/converse combo or with something sequined see the list is endless!

So I will never doubt to buy when I see one I like. This bleached denim/aztec shirt by Glamouros was on sale in ASOS (Link) and I had been thinking of adding a light bleach version to my wardrobe.

I thought I will post it really fast so if you like it you could order it but its unfortunately sold already. If you ever see it stocked again get it. Its such great quality. Lovely thick denim and well made. I love the slightly longer fitted cut that almost covers my bum.

I need to finish here now and get back to stalking ASOS because its extra 20% off all sale items. Thats almost like getting things for free right?


  1. I love love love denim shirts, they really are so versatile. I have a darker toned one but I definitely need a light one now. Love the effect of the mirrors in the photos. Xo Caitlin