Friday, March 21, 2014

Give a girl the right shoes..

and she can conquer the world..

 These red beauties were a Christmas present from the husband and boy did he do a good job. 

I tend to be rather classic in my shoe purchases but I also love having a pair of statement shoes that make the outfit. The Alexander McQueen red skull pumps definitely fit the bill.


They are fairly comfortable but the heel is high so we are not talking about strutting-around-all-day-long comfortable. Easily manageable for a night out thou. They are the shoes that rarely go unnoticed.

I always go super easy on the outfit when wearing these beauties. This time I teamed them with cuffed up black skinnies from Topshop and a floaty deep V-neck from Zara. I was all over this white top in Zara. Loved the deep V, the loose sleeves, the hem length. I was so excited I forgot to do my one Zara test- scrunch the fabric in your hands to see how easily it creases. I forgot and I learned my lesson. 
 This is the WORST creasing material I have ever seen in my life! The absolute worst! So i rarely wear it..maybe for a few hours for going out in the evening (to a place with low lighting). I still love the cut but seriously bad material.

Do you have a favorite pair of statement shoes?


  1. I think it´s mandatory to have at least some discomfort with extremely beautiful shoes. Otherwise we, women, wouldn´t take them off. Ever. So, I like to think that is in our own best interests to have great looking but uncomfortable shoes! ;)

    And I hope you have a long, beautiful and happy (although maybe not so comfortable) relationship with these amazing McQueen shoes! :D

    1. Hahah I think you might be on to something :D

      and the sad truth is I dont mind a little discomfort but then the shoes have to be extra special..